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We offer tax return preparation services provided to you by email, fax and mail.

We deliver Adobe PDF files for you to review before you authorize efiling. For returns not eligible for efile we priority ship filing copies with complete instructions. In some cases, where allowed by the taxing agency, we can deliver PDF copies for you to print and file from home.


We provide personalized Income Tax services for both individuals and businesses needing U.S., State or Canadian tax return preparation with special expertise in expatriate and nonresident tax issues.


We are authorized e-file providers.

What Sets Us Apart

Our 48 years of experience allows us to offer quality tax services. We can take the time to explain a broad range of topics, in ways that you can understand.


Making complex tax issues a little more understandable when dealing with pensions, foreign mutual funds, real estate, retiring, capital gains and small businesses is how we naturally do things!


We have concentrated on Income Tax preparation and planning services year 'round since 1976. We have helped thousands of individual taxpayers over the years, in every income range, and many small businesses that do their own accounting and just need help at yearend.

Our Customer Service Policy


We provide fast, efficient and accurate service at reasonable prices. Full Virtual Service is available through the internet.


Mr. Gauvin has been a recognized tax expert and financial planner since 1974, serving thousands of clients. He wrote numerous financial articles for Canadian national newspapers such as The Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Business News, and the Financial Post in the 80's and 90's. Appearing on both nationwide television and local radio, Gary provided answers to  caller's general tax questions and tax commentary on various news programs. He is the current contributing update author of the highly technical and definitive taxation chapter of the LexisNexis law publication for immigration attorneys titled Immigration Law and Procedure : Desk Edition published by Bender, dealing with US tax law regarding residency, immigrant and international tax related issues. He co-published a white paper titled Non-citizen Employees, Their Employers and Related Tax Issues presented at the American Immigration Law Attorneys (AILA) annual conference in Las Vegas in June 2009.


He relocated from Ottawa to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in 1999, and specializes in cross-border U.S. and Canadian income tax preparation. As an Enrolled Agent he is enrolled to practice before the IRS with client-attorney privilege. He is under contract with the Internal Revenue Service as a certifying acceptance agent to assist foreign taxpayers in obtaining US taxpayer identification numbers.


Mr. Gauvin is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is a national association of over 11,000 independent, licensed tax professionals called Enrolled Agents (EA). The association is dedicated to helping its members maintain the highest level of knowledge, skills and professionalism in all areas of taxation, so that their members may most effectively represent the needs of their clients.


Members of NAEA are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional education each year in the interpretation, application and administration of federal and state tax laws in order to maintain membership in the organization. This requirement surpasses the IRS required minimum of 16 hours per year.


As of January 2008 he joined the faculty of Lorman Education Services. They provide both online and in person continuing education seminars for lawyers, accountants and other professionals. Mr. Gauvin taught the tax portion of the 2008 business immigration seminar held in Dallas.


CPA or Enrolled Agent?


An Enrolled Agent (EA) designation is only granted to tax experts by the IRS directly. An individual must complete a rigorous background check and 4 grueling examinations over a 2 day period - the same as CPAs to obtain the EA designation. Less than 1/3 pass the exams in any year, which cover taxation of individuals, trusts & estates, corporations & partnerships, and ethics.


What makes an EA different than a CPA is that all the exams and training are on income tax only. CPAs cover a number of additional areas including government accounting and audits of public corporations.


Simply put, an EA is guaranteed to be all about income tax. An EA is a representative for the taxpayer - not the IRS. They are allowed to practice before the IRS with the same authority and client privilege as any attorney or CPA. They are the only tax experts granted this authority under federal law and number less than 35,000. They are truly the tax experts. More info is available at the IRS website.

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