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We strive to provide the best and most accurate income tax preparation service that we can.

It often takes extra effort and a little more time, but we still believe that client satisfaction is our most important goal. We never allow any client's information to leave our office - for any reason. We shred every piece of paper not used to file returns! We therefore do not directly provide contact names and numbers for references. Most new clients come from personal references from one of our existing clients and it's not usually a problem. If you have not dealt with us before we offer the following. You can also view over 100 detailed recommendations complete with client names at our page on

Here's what our clients have to say about us in their unedited emails:

Our tax situation for 2005 was pretty complicated: I'd moved from Canada to the US, yet my wife spent half the year in Canada and then moved down to join me. We had investments in both countries; We'd sold a house in Canada and bought one in the US. Even though I'm a physicist, I knew we were going to need help figuring out all the tax implications. Lucky, we discovered Gary Gauvin's Income Tax Services. The entire process was stress-free and the returns looked very professional. Both my US and Canadian tax returns were filed on time and without any issues. We highly recommend Gary Gauvin's services and will continue to have him prepare our taxes.


Charlie & Wendy A. - Long Beach, California

"Gary has expertly prepared five years of our US state and federal joint returns returns complicated by multiple states residences, real estate investments, active stock trading, and a multiple-state consulting business in addition to the usual employee and personal tax issues.  In addition to his expert advice, patient counsel, and money-saving guidance, we especially appreciate his lightning-fast turn around and the asynchronous e-mail & overnight mail communication that eliminates need for wasted visits to conventional tax preparers.  Being able to fire off a tax question by e-mail and get an informed, valid and timely response is a joy.  Gary´s work is so efficient and cost-effective (for both preparer and filer) that one almost enjoys filing taxes to see how much the government isn´t going to get!  It is also comforting to contemplate that when/as we move, we needn´t locate a new ace tax guy!  I highly recommend Gary and his work."


Mike C., Savannah, Georgia

"I am very impressed with Gary's initiative and thoroughness!  He did my first Canadian and US Tax returns as a non-resident of Canada and he has done my returns since.  I find him very accommodating about getting receipts to him either by email, fax or regular mail.  He asked to see my previous year's return and found over $1000 refund due to an error in calculating the exchange rate, so his fee was more than covered.  He is also available during the year for simple questions and is always prompt and pleasant on the phone or by email."


Bruce B. - Seattle, Washington

"I am in the explosive field of technology and company development, and have businesses in both Canada and the US. These cross-border business interests create complicated tax issues; and the consequences for running afoul of such tax issues are somewhat severe. From the first day of our relationship, Gary adeptly shed light on my complex requirements, and made the process simple to understand. From contractors to lawyers to accountants, most professionals will give someone only two of: low cost, high quality, and speed. Gary is a rare practitioner that provides all three."


Will P. - Menlo Park, California

"Working in both Canada and the US as a film and television actor has made my taxes a literal nightmare and required that I get an expert in this field.  Fortunately I found one in Gary Gauvin.  Having had a devastating experience with an accountant who claimed to know both US and Canadian taxes put me in financial peril and after finding myself out of that mess, I knew I could settle for nothing less than a true expert.  Where Gary excels from the handful of others in his field, is his ability to clearly communicate very complex matters and ask the right questions so that he gets exactly what he needs to get his job done and relieve me from the complex details.  I´ve already recommended him to other colleagues and continue to do so.  His accessibility, no non-sense approach and wealth of knowledge on many financial matters has made him an invaluable part of my financial team.


 Bill M. - Vancouver, British Columbia

"I have been using Gary as my accountant both personally and for my business for 14 years. To date my

experience has been as positive as this type of service could be. Of particular note is a year and a half which I spent out of the country during which I received tax free status in Canada. This was a particularly confusing and important personal situation which Gary stick-handled like the true professional he is. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone with normal tax requirements or out of the ordinary situations."


  Val S. - Kazabazua, Quebec

"I am very pleased with your fast, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced service. My circumstance seemed to be one for which I could not find knowledgeable people, even paying premium prices. You very quickly helped me catch up on my back tax situation involving US, Canadian, and corporate tax issues."


 Frank L. - Bellingham, Washington

"Gary has been a tremendous help, saved me tens of thousands of dollars last year when my regular accountants didn't know what to do. Gary is a must have for anybody that has cross border taxes."


  Dominic S., M.D. - Pappillon, Nebraska

"I started going to Gary Gauvin in the early 80's (in Ottawa, Canada) when my personal life became a little financially complicated due to a change in marital status. He helped me through all of the financial woes of a divorce and I have never been dissatisfied with his work. When I started a small business, Gary showed me the most financially beneficial way to proceed. In the mid-90's, I incorporated and Gary (again) showed me the most financially beneficial way to proceed. I have continued to use his financial advice and services to this day, even though he has decided to leave 'The Great White North' for Texas. He continues to offer consistently sound, financial information and services to me."


  Peter A. - Ottawa, Ontario

"We began working with Gary shortly after our move from Canada to the US, three years ago.  His expertise with both country's tax systems has been invaluable to us!  He has handled our unique tax position with excellence.  I don't think we could find anyone else as prepared to help us out.  What makes it so simple to work with Gary is how available he is to us via email - no matter where we are, he's ready to answer our questions.  Makes us feel like valued clients.  Thanks so much."


  Catherine & Craig L. - Huntsville, Alabama

"For almost ten years now, Gary Gauvin has been preparing my tax returns which have involved both United States and Canadian forms.  His knowledge and expertise in the tax areas of both countries has been a great help to me. He is efficient and accurate.  I can relax knowing work has been done very well. Not only does he ably prepare my tax returns, but he is always available to answer quickly and competently when I have questions about how to proceed in various matters related to income taxes. I am extremely happy with the work he has done for me and recommend him most highly."


  Richard H. - San Francisco, California

"When I relocated from Canada to the U.S. over 3 years ago, I needed to find a tax expert who could do my taxes for both Countries. I found Gary after researching on the internet and have been with him ever since. Gary always provides quick, reliable and accurate service and also allows you to ask him questions related to taxes throughout the year, not just tax time without having to pay extra. I'd refer anyone to Gary who wants to have their taxes done both trouble and stress free."


  Matt P. - Santa Monica, California

"I am a new client (of 1 year) and am very pleased with the competent and professional advice and assistance that you have given in my tax declarations of my first year in the U.S. after moving from Canada."


  Dr. Phillip K. - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"It has been two years since we first consulted you.  So far you have met all of our expectations.  We have been very pleased with your service.  At first we were not sure about working with a professional remotely.  But you have made it easy and changed our thinking. We have found you to be very proficient cross border tax professional. We didn't know where to start with our taxes when we first relocated to US.  Never thought that we would find someone specializing in international taxes in Texas and presto we found Gary Gauvin in Texas.  Keep it up!!! Thanks."


  Sanjay P. - Flower Mound, TX

"I have been using Gary Gauvin's tax services for approximately 13 years and am extremely pleased with his service. Never once have I had any issues with either my Canadian or US returns. Mr. Gauvin is always available to answer any tax question I may pose to him. His responses are knowledgeable and timely."


  Neil & Judith B. - Doha, Qatar

"I would like to mention that my husband and I have been filing taxes with you for over 3 years. Your services have over-exceeded our expectations! Initially, we were a little skeptical about working long-distance with you, but you alleviated our concerns by being so easily accessible via phone and email. We were especially impressed by your in depth knowledge in both, the US as well as Canadian tax laws, a trait that is not easy to find in a tax consultant. It has been a real pleasure working with you, and we look forward to working with you again this year. We never miss an opportunity to recommend your services to our friends and family!"


  Monisha & Partha C. - Fargo, North Dakota

"Gary has been preparing out tax returns since 1996, and we continue to depend on his expertise.  Our filing requirements have continued to increase in complexity over the past 8 years, as we have both held interests in our own companies, and moved several times, leading to multi-state and multi-country filings.  Gary has always taken the time to explain the filing process and to ensure that the returns are accurate and compliant with state and federal tax laws.  We have been very pleased with the tax services Gary has provided over the years, and we will continue to rely on his experience to complete our tax returns, leaving us with one less thing to worry about."


  Brett and Kathryn M. - Centreville, Virginia

"I have been extremely lucky to discover Gary Gauvin's tax services. He was able to compile a complicated collection of Canadian and US taxes quickly and expertly. I have a busy work schedule with no time to be involved with tax matters and Gary Gauvin was able to sort out my taxes, including a move to another country and preexisting tax issues, with minimal involvement and a rapid turnaround. He has an impressive combination of knowledge, honesty, and efficiency. He has saved me time and money and I only wish I had found him sooner."

 Martin M. -  Industrial Light and Magic,  Marin County, California

I am very pleased with Gary Gauvin's tax services. Even though I filed my return in US only once IRS managed to mishandle my case twice due to complications in taxation between two countries. I was impressed by Gary´s ability of resolving those issues. I would highly recommend Gary Gauvin's tax services to anyone filing taxes on both sides of the border.


 Vadim & Irina N. Pleasanton, California

"I call Gary the "Tax Whisperer"


— Robert C.


"Gary's intimate knowledge of international tax was invaluable in managing a complicated move from the CDN to the US. There are twists and turns throughout the process of dealing with 2 tax offices and 2 sets of rules. Gary's detailed approach saved us time, money and years of concern that all was done properly. He is a great resource and I am happy to recommend him."


— Chris T.


"Gary have provided excellent US/Canada Tax Service. It is hard to find someone understands both countries Tax and Tax Treaties. I am happy with Gary's Tax service."


— Henry C.


"I've worked between Canada and the USA for the past 14 years. Five years ago, I was very fortunate to have found Gary and turn my tax returns over to him. Gary immediately examined my returns from previous years and discovered issues that were not noticed by the bigger accounting firms. That first return Gary saved me several thousand of dollars and completed complicated paperwork to have adjustments made to prior returns. Gary is without doubt the most efficient, responsive and professional accountant in the industry."


— Blake E.



— Christopher C.


"Gary has prepared our tax returns since we moved to Texas from Canada.He is very knowledgeable, competent and povides an excellent service at a reasonable cost. Although I haven't had the need to use his services relative to the filing of business returns, based on conversations with him I also believe him to be very competent in that area."


— Jon P.



"Gary is professional, polite, and prepares both US and Canadian income taxes. I looked him up when I was working in the US and highly recommend him!"


— Greg W.


"Dealing with personal and business taxes in US and Canada can be very daunting, but Gary makes this process bearable. His expertise has been very valuable to me over the past few years. He makes sure you are aware of all the important issues, takes care of complexities for you, and is always personally available to address any questions. I just hope that he never retires."


— Gordana L.


"Mr. Gauvin provides prompt tax preparation services for matters before both the IRS and CRA. He always responds to emails quickly, even during tax season. His prices are reasonably in light of his extensive knowledge of cross-border taxation. I am consistently pleased with Mr. Gauvin's services."


— Will R.


"When I moved to the US, the last thing I wanted to think about was my taxes. I knew that I needed professional help. My Canadian return was pretty complicated with a house sale, stock losses etc. Gary did a great job for me on both my Canada and US returns. He was patient with me sending in all the information and answered all my questions. Gary's rate is reasonable and the final product is accurate and professional. I will use Gary again this year to prepare my US returns. Thanks Gary!"


— Kristen T.


"Gary's expertise in both the U.S. and Canada made him an easy choice for us when we first hired him. His attention to detail and his immediate responses to all of our questions and concerns make him an easy choice to hire year after year."


— Catherine M.


"For across-the-border, combined US & Canadian tax returns, Gary is an invaluable resource. He saves you time and money, and to be frank he also helps you keep your own sanity. Note that conventional solutions such as basic tax software or H&R block are generally useless for across the border tax returns. Honestly, I don't know what I'd have done without Gary over the last 4 years (other than just paying more tax on both sides of the border, of course)."


— Vlad P.


"Gary served as my tax consultant and also prepared my tax return. I found his work to be very professional: * he always keeps to his promised schedule, * he understands the issues on the first try and does not waste my time with superfluous questions, * his services are reasonably priced. I recommend his services to my friends and colleagues without hesitation."


— Ben V.


"good service; can do everything over the internet; very knowledgeable. glad I hired him."


— Claire S.


"Gary is extremely knowledgeable about cross border taxation issues - US and Canada. So, if you are a Canadian working in the US or an American working in Canada, and you need help with any tax-related issues, Gary is definitely the guy to call. I am really glad I did!"


— David S.


"Gary is awesome: he not only saved me money on my taxes (doing things differently than I would have thought to do them, thereby paying for his own services), but I think he saved me some months of my life that I would have otherwise lost due to the stress and confusion of (two!) cross-border moves on my part. After becoming a client of his, he has also been great with follow-up questions I've had regarding stock options, future cross-border moves, etc."


— John L.


"Gary has solved a variety of International Tax situations for me spanning several countries, Hong Kong, US, Canada and UK. I recommend him to anyone - thorough professional and great service. Use him."


— Andrew M.


"Gary has helped us with our U.S./Canada taxes for the past two years. Upon moving to the U.S., we were overwhelmed with all of the new regulations and Gary was wonderful in guiding us through precisely what needed to be accomplished. He has a unique knowledge of both countries tax systems and he has been an invaluable professional who has provided us with exceptional assistance."


— Sarah O.


"Gary has made the process of completing U.S. and Canadian tax documents easy and straightforward. Gary is technically savvy and highly organized. He has provided sage advice regarding the tax law."


— Joe N.


"We have been using Gary for managing our personal income tax since 2005 when we moved to Boca Raton, FL from Canada. Gary has solid understanding of best practice of tax regulations for both Canada and USA, so he was extremely helpful for us as Canadian who requires to report tax in two countries. Now we have no need to claim tax in Canada as local US residence, and we still use Gary as a trust-able personal accountant and tax expert. Thank you Gary!"


— Ted M.


"Gary provides outstanding service with your domestic/international tax issues. He is very competent in his field of knowledge and will work with you servicing your tax related needs. His communications are clear and will respond back to you in a timely manner where possible. I have used his services in the past and will continue to as needs persists. His fees are fair. You can be assured of very reliable, quality, and professional expertise from Gary!"


— Frank S.


"Gary handled my cross-border (US / Can) tax filings professionally and was thorough and provided timely feedback to any questions I had."


— Ian C.


"I needed a tax expert for Canadian and US tax returns when I moved from Canada to US a few years ago. I was very lucky to find Gary. Gary is one of the very few tax experts with excellent knowledge of Canadian and US tax systems. I have absolute trust in his work. Gary has done a great job in the last few years and I use his services every year."


— Jay E.


"I can recommend without reservation Gary P Gauvin LLC for individual tax preparation for Canadians working & moving to the US. Some history that lead me to Gary for 2010 tax prep: I had a terrible experience in 2009 with another firm (that has offices in Toronto & Chicago). Key reasons for the terrible experience with this other firm:


1. Work was passed to a Jr. employee of this firm, but key pieces of our file were not. This resulted in having to communicate things twice, send files twice & not know for certain if this Jr. Employee was actually up to speed on our individual situation.


2. Jr. Employee was not capable with respect to MS Excel & did not know to look for various "work-sheets" within an Excel workbook file.


3. Fees quoted were >60% higher when the actual invoice was received. No upfront notification was given by this firm, leaving us in a situation where they have us “over a barrel” as it was too late to switch to another firm & still meet the tax submission deadline.


4. I was invoiced for the completion of various forms that turned out to be never submitted or given to me to submit.


5. I paid for this firm to apply for an ITIN for my wife & this firm forgot to submit this application form, leaving me to have to sort out a mess at the IRS office myself.


6. This firms refused to admit & take ownership for their mistake & initially blamed it on the IRS’s incompetence......that was until I provided overwhelming evidence that supported the fact that it was this firm’s error & oversight.


7. It is impossible to get a quick response from anyone from this firm. I can tell you that my experience with Gary P Gauvin LLC in 2010 was excellent:


1. Gary is extremely well organized.

2. Gary didn’t charge for an initial consultation.

3. Gary does all the work & communication with customers himself. This means that no piece of information is ever lost or not taken into account.

4. Gary completes his work on time & follows up to ensure things get submitted.

5. Although the actual invoice may exceed what is quoted, he immediately informs in advance of this deviation & provides an explanation why the bill will exceed the quote.

6. Even during peak tax season, Gary is willing to review in detail your file. Furthermore, he is willing to have a detailed review after tax season to help you prepare for next year.

7. Gary's response time is excellent, even during peak tax season.

8. Gary P Gauvin LLC may not be a big flashy accounting firm that hosts an international taxation discussion “form board” & Gary may not have a strong internet presence, .........but I can tell you for certain that based on my experience, the work & attention to detail that comes out of Gary’s office is top notch! Again, to summarize, I would recommend to anyone Gary's services. I am very happy I found him. My wife & I are very pleased & will continue to use him for our Canadian & US tax preparation."


— Scott M.


"I originally found Gary through an internet search for International Income Tax Accountants. I am a dual Canadian/US citizen and learned I am required to file a US tax return, even though I have lived and worked exclusively in Canada for the past 37 years. Gary helped me straighten out the tax mess I found myself in and catch up the required back US tax returns, all at a reasonable expense and with an efficiency and expertise hard to find these days. I highly recommend him."


— Randy C.


"Gary has been invaluable to me as a Canadian purchasing property in the U.S. Gary is extremely knowledgeable on both sides of the border and I know he is looking after my best interests when it comes to my tax reporting."


— Rick G.


"Gary is thorough, efficient, and extremely knowledgable. Finding him was a huge relief, and I'm confident that my taxes are on track in both Canada and the states after leaving them in his hands."


— Claire D.


"Gary is a great accountant who provides very professional results in a timely manner. His expertise has been very useful in the past for Canada-US tax related issues, and I highly recommend his services."


— Jeremy E.


"I used Gary in 2010 to prepare my taxes after I moved back to Canada last year. He was able to complete my taxes for both the US and Canada in a timely manner with great detail and always willing to answer all my questions. - thank you Gary."


— Jawahar R.


"There are few U.S. tax specialists who understand the dangers facing non-citizens. Gary is at the top of the list among those select few."


— Daniel M.


"Gary is an outstanding Tax accountant. I highly recommend his services."


— Chris S.


"Gary has great knowledge in both US and Canadian taxes. The process for doing taxes with him remotely was seemless."


— Jennifer L.


"Gary, Has a very good knowledge of the different TAX systems, exactly what I needed when relocated from Canada to the US late in 2007. The approach he uses is very simple and that is exactly what someone relocating needs. He did a very good job and the turnaround time was good. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of a tax specialist. Francisco Martinez"


— Francisco M.


"I required support in the preparation of an International Tax return with very little notice. Gary was very responsive to my urgent request even though we had not conducted business previously. Communications was excellent and the end product of our effort was as I expected it to be, complete and professional. I will use Gary's service again and recommend him."


— John S.


"Gary helped us navigate some important tax filings in Canada. He laid things out very clearly for someone who is not an accountant, but wants to make sure that all of the T's are crossed and I's dotted... Terrific service - made us feel like we were a very important client, even though we are a 2-person S-corp..."


— Andrew G.


"Gary has been by tax accountant for over five years and has done and excellent job for my company. He is timely, has the expertise to do a great job and understands the tax codes. I have never had a problem with any return and he is professional in all of his work and recommendations. I would definately consider him for more work other than taxes and his rates are reasonable to fit my budgets."


— Joseph W.


"Living in Canada and filing US tax returns can be a complicated process but Gary managed everything for me this year at a very reasonable price. He was easy to communicate with (all done through phone calls and emails) and very quick to complete my file and made this tax season stress free. I am definitely going to use Gary's Accounting services each year going forward."


— Karen B.


"Most of my business dealings with Gary were via email or phone. I found him to be very efficient, thorough and was able to answer any questions I had in a professional manner. I would definitely use Gary's services again in regard to either Canadian or U.S. tax services and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tax professional."


— Tanya G.


"Gary took me through what seemed a (to me) complex morass of US/Canadian tax issues on an ex-patriot returns. I am impressed by his grip and understanding of both systems, something that seems to be a rarity in my experience. He managed to do this clearly and far more cost effectively than a large multinational accounting firm citing clear errors in their accounting from the previous years return as well as some mistakes on my personal Canadian return. I would and have been recommending Gary highly especially for anyone needing US/Canadian tax work and will be seeking his services personally again."


— Peter L.


"I strongly recommend using Gary's services for Canada/U.S. Income Tax Report preparation. My family has returned to Canada after a being residents in California, U.S. for few years and tax preparation was challenging. Gary has promptly answered my questions and has very professionally prepared all U.S. (fed.+state) and Canadian (fed.+prov.) tax reports without a glitch. The fees charged were very well worth the services rendered."


— Jean-P.


"Would highly recommend Gary for U.S./Canada tax preparation and issue resolve."


— Sandy L.


"Gary has done our taxes for us now for two years. My wife and I plan on using his services again this year. All work is done efficiently and in a timely manner. I would no hesitate to contact Gary for any of my accounting needs. Sincerely, Daniel Burgess Alabama"


— Daniel B.



"I have been hiring Gary for the past two years to do my taxes, and he's been nothing less then an outstanding professional for my personal international tax returns."


— Chris J.


"Gary did an excellent job preparing our Canadian and U.S. tax returns last year. He ensured that the whole process was stress free. He is reliable, thorough and efficient. I will continue using his services and I highly recommend him!"


— Krisztina H.


"Gary's has a very deep kowledge and understanding of the U.S. and Canada tax laws. This gives you the comfort and piece of mind to entrust him with your taxes, knowing that there will be no surprises. He is very approachable, available, and takes the time to explain complex situations and terms in an easy to understand manner."


— Martin B.


"I had an unusually complicated tax return due to large ex patriate earnings, and Gary was able to sort through the tax code and the complications to provide a solid set of returns on time and for a reasonable amount of money."


— John W.


"I hired Gary to help me do my taxes as a recent arrival to the US from Canada. It worked out very well and he made it an easy process. I would reccommend him in a second if you are looking for help in the Canada-US financial/tax area."


— Mark R.


"Gary was recommended to me by several co-workers and I was very pleased with his work and will continue to look to him for his tax expertise. Situation: Moved from Canada->France->US->Canada->US within 2 year period and had to sort out the numerous forms and tax implications relating to assets/tuition/RSP/benefits/residency etc. It was complicated and overwhelming. Gary was very responsive and extremely knowledgable. We did everything over email and by the time I knew it, my tax situation was all sorted out and at a very reasonable cost. I would and have recommended Gary for tax advice especially for those that require someone with his US/Cdn expertise."


— Lonn L.


"Gary was recommended to me by a friend who moved to the US from Canada and, after doing some research, I retained him for my 2008 tax returns. While my original contact with Gary was over the phone subsequent exchanges were by email and although he seems to get very busy during tax season his replies came back in a timely fashion. Further more he continued answering my questions even after filing my taxes. Having worked part of the year in Canada and part of it in the US and having had my family follow me to the US later in the year I appreciated Gary's knowledge in the tax law on both sides of the border. His fees are reasonable although I would prefer he offered a flat fee service inclusive of any correction work that might need to be done on the tax return. However, when Canada Revenue Agency made a mistake in processing my tax return, Gary handled the petition process at no added cost. Now that I have moved to another state (and may also have some lingering connections to Canada Revenue Agency) I intend to use Gary's services again for the 2009 tax season."


— Marius G.


"Gary took over our complicated case of taxes in Canada and US which other accountants simply said no to. I don't think there are many people out there who can match Gary's knowledge of dual taxes in Canada and US. He gave us great tips on investments not only during the tax filing period, but also later in the year. I highly recommend Gary if you are looking to get the best advice on your taxes & investments."


— Gaurav S.


"I relocated to the US from Britain last year and was dreading the tax return process. Luckily for me, a colleague recommended Gary's services and sure enough, he made the whole thing a breeze. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, I can't recommend him highly enough!"


— Tom M.


"I highly recommend Gary Gauvin... He has helped me flawlessly through complicated tax issues given I have to file both US and Canadian taxes. -Ron"


— Ron D.


"Gary did my tax return for 2008. I had a lot of questions and concerns which he answered patiently. The return was done on time without problems."


— Ben N.


"Gary provides an expert and very personable approach to your Canadian/US tax issues with great results. I had several Tax concerns before moving to the US. A quick search of the web and I found Gary Gauvin. I sent him an email and was surprise to get the response within minutes. I asked him a load of questions and he answered all of them. All this before I did business with him. When the Tax time came, I trusted Gary with my CDN taxes and he even looked over my US taxes, which was prepared by a 3rd party as part of my relocation package... He's been my tax man ever since."


— Peter H.


"Gary is a top-tier accountant that I highly recommend. I have worked with him for years and will continue to do so."


— William P.


"Gary helped my company organize and setup our international operations and answed all of our questions in regards to international tax law and tax planning."


— Troy W.


"One of those rare situations where things go as promised and ontime"


— Greg S.


"I have used Gary since starting my business in 2007 and I have been very very pleased with his expertize, his efficiency and his client service! I would highly recommend him to anyone, and have indeed referred him to others on many occasions."


— Adrian S.


"When I accepted a relocation offer from my company, I did some research on the web and found Gary Gauvin. I contacted Gary via email and he answered all of my tax return and relocation questions promptly. His answers showed his broad knowledge of the US/Canadian tax rules. His answers were so personable that it was a no brainer. He was "The Man" for my Canadian and US Tax return. He has even reviewed the US tax return that was in my relocation package to ensure it was OK. Gary has provide Canadian and US tax return for the 2008 and Canadian 2007 for my wife and I. I would recommend Gary to anyone who asks for a Tax expert."


— Peter H.


"Gary is by far the best USA/Canada tax advisor there is. Top-notch professional, always on-time and very precise."


— Casey M.


"Gary works very efficiently and is a brick!!"


— Michele S.


"Gary is your one stop shop tax expert for any US/Canadian tax needs. Being concerned about my US/Canadian tax obligations on my move to US for tax year 2007, I found him through his website. He made my tax filing experience a breeze with his vast knowledge and professionalism. He truly takes the ownership of your tax issues and helps you resolve them with CRA/IRS. So people look no further, Gary is your expert for US/Canadian Tax needs and he is only one email away. I will be taking his services for the upcoming tax year and many more years to come."


— Gurpreet K.


"If you have a complicated tax situation and you want to be sure it's done right, Gary is the answer. Yes, it will cost more than say, H&R Block, but you get what you pay for and it's hard to put a dollar value on peace of mind."


— Tim S.


"If you have US-Canada tax issues, Gary is your man. He'll get you on the right track and give you peace of mind. He clearly explains what has to happen and why, and is great to work with."


— Geoff B.


"Gary provides great service; quick, expert and inclusive. I'd like to check six of the Top Attribute boxes (It's better if an accountant isn't too creative!) He took care of my Canadian/American/ Michigan/Arizona/ NewYork/New Jersey/Quebec taxes very efficiently. I will continue to use Gary as long as I have income! Gary also did a great job on my partners' small business taxes garnishing her a larger refund then she had previously received. Gary is easy to reach by phone and by email and provides complete doccumentation. Recomended without hesitation!"


— Phil G.


"I used Gary's service to file my taxes this year and he did a really good job. For me this was the first time I was filing my taxes after moving to US from Canada so I had to file taxes in both the countries. A ton of people at my work recommended Gary and I was not disappointed. He was very quick to respond and made sure I understood everything that I needed to know. The turnaround time was very low and he did a good job. I would recommend him to everyone I know and will use his service again."


— Arun B.


"Gary was an amazing at helping us understand dual country taxes and alleviated a ton of stress from me and my family. I feel fortunate he was recommended to me and am happy to recommend him to any and all."


— Steve M.


"Gary has prepared all my taxes since I started working in the US as a Canadian citizen...sometimes as many as 7 returns a year. He also takes care of any queries the government raises during the year. It's a quick and painless process for dealing with a very complicated tax situation. Gary is responsive to any question and always available!"


— Danielle C.





— Michael K.


"Gary's expertise on Canada-US income tax laws was a huge plus for me. His turnaround time on work or questions is impeccable. I highly recommend his services."


— Pierre G.


"Since relocating from the US to Canada, Gary has provided superlative tax advice and tax preparation services for me as an individual and also as a business owner. Gary has years of Income tax expertise in Canada and the USA and I highly recommend him to any individual or business relocating across the US-Canadian border (in either direction!)."


— Harjeet D.


"Gary prepared the US Federal Tax Return for one of my UK clients with business interests in the US. He also provided advice on the application of the US / UK Tax Treaty. Gary's service was prompt and his fees reasonable. I would use his services again."


— Kieran L.


"I am a Canadian citizen who worked in the US for most of 2008. As such I required both Canadian and US tax returns. This lead me to search local Toronto Accountants only to find they were charging $1500 or more for what were relatively simple taxes. I was recommended to Gary by a friend who had used him the year prior. His prices were much more reasonable and the service was top notch. There were no issues with either of my tax returns. I recommend using Gary if you need to file dual taxes. Don't waste your money on those overpriced accountants who imply if you don't use them then the IRS and CRA will come pounding on your door to drag you away for filing your taxes incorrectly."


— Richard S.


"Gary is an actioned orientied individual, his responses are immediate and concise. Gary is highly creative in his approach to providing the "best" solution for his customer. Gary will provide alternatives to the question and allow the customer to select what is right for him. I will definetly utilize Gary's services again"


— Ken F.


"Very impressed with service. Thorough and responsive to e-mail requests. Prices were very reasonable as well. We will be using Gary from now on."


— Bruce M.


"Gary did a terrific job on my Canadian / US taxes. What I really appreciated, though, was that he took the time to promptly answer my questions all through the year."


— David S.


"Gary's knowledge of both the US and Canadian tax systems has been invaluable to us as US citizens residing in Canada. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


— Terry A.


"I was impressed with the quality of service provided by Gary’s firm in dealing with complex tax issues. He offered a highly knowledgeable, professional service and was well versed in the specialized tax matters. In our interaction he was responsive while addressing and explaining the matters thoroughly. I would use his services in the future."


— Jack K.


"Gary Gauvin is extremely personable and offers an impeccably organized niche tax preparation service for his clients. His all around expertise in both personal and business tax filings is extraordinary and his one on one approach with each of his clients is unmatched. His attention to detail, relaxed work environment and extensive knowledge are all key factors as to my continued use and recommendation of Gary's services."


— Bela C.


"Gary Gauvin is an extremely competent, thorough, Accountant who allocates time for his clients and personally addresses their individual needs. Treated with the utmost respect, you can always count on a swift response with handy information to assist in all your tax concerns and needs. His specialty in tax return preparations for Canada - U.S. income taxes is immeasurable and helps to ease the transition of filing in a foreign country."


— Cinzia F.


"Gary is proficient in cross-border tax preparation and I have been using his services for a number of years now. Gary provided all the necessary support and representation during an audit conducted by IRS."


— Vadim N.


"Gary is a personable, knowledgeable and thorough tax expert for those of us who file in both Canada and the US. In addition to assisting me and my wife with our cross-border tax returns, he has provided valuable financial planning advice. And to top it off his rates are very reasonable. I highly recommend Gary."


— Andrew M.


"Did very good work to prepare my taxes. They were quite complicated as I had moved countries in that tax year and needed to file taxes in both countries."


— Andy B.


"We found Gary via his web site and what a blessing that was for us at tax time. Our taxes were really complicated due to a move from Canada to the US and other factors. Gary is very knowledgable about both countries' tax systems and keeps current. He has helped us in a very professional, friendly, and efficient manner. Gary is always very willing and quick to answer questions we have from time to time about our taxes. He has provided us with very high quality results at a reasonable cost, delivered quickly. We will certainly utilize Gary's services in the future and have no hesitation recommending him to others."


— Wendy A.


"Gary did a great job on my US taxes declared in Canada !"


— Christophe P.


"I was highly impressed with the quality of service Gary provided. He was even ready to go an extra mile and not only help me with what he was commisioned for, but also to introduce me other financial specialist knowledgable in areas of interest for a Canadian working in USA."


— Predrag R.


"Gary was recommended to us by friends who were also very happy with his tax support. He has provided expert advice during our immigration process, based on thorough knowledge of both the US and Canadian tax systems. His service is reliable and timely, and he has always been available to answer our questions and provide guidance. Gary is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend his service."


— Felicia F.


"Gary P Gauvin LLC was quick and efficient when preparing my US and Canadian tax returns for 2006. I will be using his services again."


— Michael B.


"I contacted Gary this year to help me with a complicated tax filing which included working in Australia and the US. It was easy to reach Gary with any questions and he was quick to respond. He did a great job and knows his stuff. Gary is prompt and professional and we will definitely use him again next year."


— Melissa T.


"Gary was recommended to us by fellow Canadian expats as an outstanding international tax expert, and he delivered up to our expectations. Preparing and filing our tax returns has been painless, on time, and for a reasonnable price. Overall, the service Gary provide was much better (and for a much better price) that the experience we had the previous year with one of the big international accounting firms."


— Dominique B.


"Gary has been extremely helpful to me with regard to my US/Canadian Income tax issues both personally and for my business."


— Kevin B.


"Our training company needed an accountant with expertise in Canada taxes. Gary has helped us with all of the forms and filings necessary and continues to keep us posted as to any changes. He responds quickly to our emails/phone calls and is very fairly priced."


— Katherine B.


"I was introduced to Gary by a fellow Canadian when working out of San Jose Ca. We were talking about how difficult it was to find a tax accountant that knew both the Canadian and USA tax systems. Most accountants knew one or the other, but provided inconsistent advice when asked about the opposite jurisdiction. When I first contacted Gary, he reviewed my earlier tax submissions and provided advice, at no cost to me. He provided deeper insights and counsel as to issues that I had or potentially could have. He is fair in his dealing and, as in one particular case, works endlessly to resolve any problems with the federal agency under question. (And successfully in our case). He thinks out-of-the-box and understands the grey areas within the tax system but works to protect his clients fairly without undue pressure or fear of the unknown. I continue to refer my friends to him. David"


— David N.


"I recommend Gary for preparing US and Canadian income tax returns. I am very impressed with Gary's initiative and thoroughness! He did my first Canadian and US Tax returns as a non-resident of Canada and he has done my returns since. I have an RRSP and a rental property in Canada and wouldn't feel confident doing the returns on my own. I find him very accomodating about getting receipts to him either by email, fax or regular mail. He asked to see my previous year's return and found over $1000 refund due to an error in calculating the exchange rate, so his fee was more than covered. He is also available during the year for simple questions and is always prompt and pleasant on the phone or by email."


— Bruce B.


"Gary is a great accountant with a great specialty. If you have taxes involving both Canad and the USA, I reccomend that you hire him, and have him do your taxes in both countries, and your wifes! He did a great job, kept me informed, and I wasn't auditted! He has also made himself available to answer questions about tax planning throughout the year; so I have saved even more money by giving him a quick call whenever taxable events were upcoming. I'm hiring him again for my 2006 taxes in Canada, Ontario, the USA and Massachusetts."


— Gavin P.


"Gary has done my taxes for two years now and helps me with my Canadian tax issues. He's always incredibly responsive, timely with quality results."


— Carol M.


"Gary is a very efficient, knowledgeable and on-time CPA. His work is well prepared and documented in an easy to understand format. I can strongly recommend Gary to prepare tax returns, year end financials as well as quarterly tax filings."


— Frede H.


"Gary is the best tax professional that I have ever consulted. I am very pleased with his services for all my taxation needs. He is a proficient cross border tax professional. I didn't know where to start with our taxes when we first relocated to US. Never thought that I would find someone specializing in international taxes in Texas and presto we found Gary Gauvin in Texas. At first we were not sure about working with a tax professional remotely but Gary changed our thinking. I have also met Gary personally and found him to be very welcoming and pleasant to work with. Whenever I have any question related to taxes and tax planning I pick up the phone or email him without hesitation. His advice is professional and geared to my needs."


— Sanjay P.


"I was referred to Gary through another colleague to prepare my US and Canadian Tax returns; as you can image this task can be a little bit intimidating. Gary was incredibly easy to work with, his deep understanding of Canadian and US tax laws saved me a pile of money not only with deductions but charged me a lot less than the folks at Deloitte and Touche (recommended by my company). I have moved back to Canada and still plan on having Gary prepare my tax returns indefinately."


— Marc S.


"Gary does my taxes and came highly reccommended as a cross border tax expert knowlegable in the wrinkles of Canadian/Americal tax treatments and the intricacies of what is possible and what is not. All work has been done with timely efficiency and accuracy. Good man for your tax needs"


— Jim M.


"Gary is very knowledgeable on US and Canada taxation matters."


— James K.


"We were quite lucky to find Gary who has been doing our taxes for the last 2 years. Since we had some special tax situation at the first year in the US ( moving from Canada to the US ) we decided to work with Gary. Although our tax situation became simpler later on, we decided to stick with Gary due to his professionalism and his availability for questions. In addition to providing my wife and myself with accurate tax returns with detailed instructions about what needs to be sent where, Gary was also providing us with a promptly tax advise by Email during the year. It would be my pleasure to recommend Gary for anyone in need of a tax advise or tax return preparation !"


— Haim C.


"I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across Gary's services as I was searching for someone to prepare my wife's and my taxes after moving to the US from Canada. Without a doubt he saved us a great deal of money, and I feel confident that the confusing tax situation we found ourselves in was handled properly. I wish I knew more people to whom I could recommend his services. He is by far the most professional tax accountant I've met."


— Cam S.


"Absolutely amazing work. My Wife is a Canadian US Resident and I am a US Citizen both residing in the US. I had quite a few complex tax issues between Canada and the US. I consulted several "tax experts" who were unable to help. I found Gary through his website and within months he refiled several tax returns in both countries resolving all of my issues. I've used him exclusively ever since. Highly recommended."


— David P.




— Albert.




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